007 Do What They Tell You To Do Part I

March 14, 2017

On Tea With Teachers episode 7 Part 1, I talk with Cheryl Jones, a former music teacher who now works with Veterans as a Wellness Chaplain. Cheryl lived a comfortable life in Texas as a child of the 60s in a sheltered, middle class black neighborhood, even though she experienced white flight first hand. Though she vaguely remembers her father dealing with racism at his job, her parents shielded a lot of the effects of racism from her. The positive influences of role models guided her through her teenage years.   It wasn’t until the late 70s when she attended university in the Midwest, did she truly began to feel the sting of racism.  To do this day, however, Cheryl continues to look at life positively, with just a pestering cynicism as she follows the current political climate and news reports of shootings of black men.  Cheryl is now a role model herself as a teacher, chaplain and mother of a college-aged daughter.


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