011 Jesus, The Kennedys….and The Red Sox

June 13, 2017

Boston - It’s one of those quintessential American cities that evoke a certain nostalgia for me. The history, hidden taverns on cobblestone streets, Italian grandmothers sitting on sidewalks in The North End, the all too familiar accents and certainly its legendary sports culture.  On Episode 11 of Tea With Teachers, I talk to Beth Dussan. I had the pleasure of working with Beth when she was my instructional coach about 7 years ago at a school here in Washington, D.C.  I experienced 3 principals and a tumultuous time trying to navigate a somewhat toxic culture because of ineffective leadership. However, the classroom teachers I worked with were nothing short of amazing. The experience left my cynical, but the teachers gave me hope. In today’s episode, you’ll hear Beth and I recall some of our experiences at this school. You’ll hear Beth talk about her Boston Irish Catholic upbringing and the influence that had on her as a teacher and a mother, how raising a biracial, bilingual daughter brings her the best of two worlds and what it feels like to be a mother as a former educator when she walks into a parent-teacher conference. Also, she reflects on her experience as a young, fresh-faced teacher at a local private school that educates mostly Latino immigrants and how that experience resonates with her in today’s political climate. 


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