010 Tzedakah Part II

May 13, 2017

On the previous episode, I spoke with Emma and Evan about the impact of Judaism in their lives, specifically the influence of the concept of Tzedakah - justice or righteousness in Hebrew.  In Episode 10 Part 2, we hear how this influence trickles down into their work. Evan knows he needs to be a positive role model to his students, especially how he approaches the relationships between his male and female students. He also understands how he needs to strike a balance as a facilitator when it comes to teaching history under today’s political climate.  As for Emma, she provides a reality check about the hopes and fears of the high school graduates she counsels at her nonprofit, College Summit. She also offers an insight into some of the noticeable differences between the students she works with and the students Evan teaches even though they live just a few miles apart. Furthermore, they both delve into their mutual skepticism of standardized testing, while they posit about their mutual belief in the significance of teaching social skills in schools.


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